UBTech Alpha 2 at CES

SPRING, Strategic Planning & Retail Innovation Group, launches a high powered PR campaign for UBTech's Alpha 2 and Jimu Robot brands on C/Net, CNBC, Engadget, Tech Crunch, PC/Mac World and more to kick-off the excitement at CES this morning. 

UBTech tapped SPRING to get their engaging, disruptive robotics in front of the biggest, most relevant media players in the CE industry. SPRING delivered! Chief Marketing Officer, Keith Lockwood, introduced Alpha 2 the charismatic family robot and the Jimu Robot system, the interchangeable robotic building blocks to the world on the stage of C/Net with C/Net's Bridget Carey. 

By the end of the week UBTech will be one of the most talked about brands at the Consumer Electronics Show and SPRING will have added a couple more brands to their long list of super successful product launches!