LoveBug Probiotics picks up Taste for Life Magazine Award


NEW YORK- August 25, 2017 -- Taste for Life Magazine recently announced the recipients of their annual Back To School Essentials awards. Among the winners, New York based LoveBug Probiotics' Little Ones™ picked up the award for 2017 Best Nutritional Supplement. Co-founder and CEO Ashley Harris recently exclaimed her enthusiasm to Market Insider, telling the publication "We are so excited about receiving this award... Gut health begins at a young age when a child's microbiome is still being developed. It is the foundation for a lifetime of good health."


Little Ones probiotic supplement was created with young, healthy, and balanced microbiomes in mind. The probiotic is small, kid friendly, and works to populate the gut with good bacteria- helping kids build immunity so that they may grow up strong and healthy. As explained by Market Insider, "Many probiotic supplements for kids miss the mark with chewable tablets, or formulations that contain sugar and other undesirables. Little Ones probiotics incorporates patented BIO-tract® technology, protecting the organisms and releasing them gradually for 15 times the effectiveness of other supplements. Also, by avoiding sugar, gluten, and other no-no ingredients, LoveBug probiotics avoid triggering sugar cravings so there's nothing standing in the way of healthy, happy kids."

LoveBug was founded in 2015 by Ben and Ashley Harris, a married couple that found themselves dissatisfied after finding severe imbalances in Ashley's and her son's microbiomes. The couple noticed the imbalance after taking broad spectrum antibiotics during the birth of her son. 

Learn more about LoveBug here.

Kalley Erickson